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Malverne 1939

Malverne's wrestling team was handicapped at the very outset.  Although many of last year's veterans returned, several others, including Warren Nafis, Charles Caulkins, Fred Caretto, and John Petrelle, were either out for some other activity or physically unable to wrestle this year.  Moreover, the season planned for Malverne was an unusually stiff one.  Matches were scheduled with Central, Mepham, Great Neck, Sewanhaka, Lawrence and Oceanside, which all boast first-rate teams.

Nevertheless, Malverne's catch-as-catch-can boys, managed by Robert Maddocks and James Mullany, did a creditable job.  Although the team as a whole was not impressive, it did manage to reach the semi-finals in the annual Mepham tournament.  Bernard Brockwehl, Raymond Frawley, Ernest Thorvaldsen, Fred Robinson, Harold Sinclair, John Wensley, Fred Williams, Don Pearsall, Don Healy, Edward Cook, and Kenneth Martin won at least one match each in individual grunt-and-groan contests.

The really fine record of the season was achieved by Captain Jimmy Miller who, competing in the 175-pound class, pinned five opponents, won two decisions, and lost only one match.

Coach Hanson will lose many of his varsity wrestlers when the Class of '39 graduates.  He hopes that more boys will show an active interest in the sport and help bolster up next year's squad.

Source: The Oracle, Malverne High School, 1939